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Japanese totalitarianism

Japan is said to the corporate state and the foreign country made better. Of course, though it is a joke
Of course, it is different from other socialistic states of China (People's Republic of China PRC) or North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea DPRK) even if it is said the corporate state.

Being often said is victim's behavior after the catastrophe.
The great earthquake often occurs in Japan. (Though misleading might be in goodness. )
Afterwards, victims take shelter to the refuge specified as a matter of course by the municipality.
It is waited that wonderful confusion is not caused, and the rescue comes quietly.
Being taken shelter to home is also more similar.
The distribution of the rescue supply also neatly forms the line and it receives it.

It is likely not to go so in the United States (United States USA).
The new one might be Catorena (Hurricane Catorena Hurricane Katrina) to the memory.
The ravage (riot) happened in succession, and the plunder site was televised.

Finally, National Guard was sent to the stricken area and it fell into a painful situation of pointing a pistol to the victim.

What is the difference between Japan (Japanese country JPN) and the United States (United States USA)?
If it is possible to read, it is great from here though it is Watashican to the end.

First of all, it is the best cause that the government distrust is strong for the United States (United States USA). If the federation and the provincial government firmly respond to Catorena (Hurricane Catorena Hurricane Katrina) disaster
Each mass garbage commented that this had not to have become a major catastrophe.
Certainly, it is the street, and neither the death nor missing person, that is, 1858 people are sure to go out if this is Japan (Japanese country JPN).
Moreover, it is thought that deep-rooted discrimination is still a cause.
In the United States (United States USA), there are a racial discrimination and income discrimination (coinage that S made).
I think that the riot happened because of the racial discrimination (color and religion of the skin) and the income discrimination (social treat coldly to the low income earner).

Here though it is Japan (Japanese country JPN)
First of all, the government distrust might exist also in Japan (Japanese country JPN) in no small way.
However, the ravage (riot) doesn't happen. (Though very small number of people criminals exist. )
Why? will
It is thought that the reason for I is that victims believe the private organization to rescue (rescue supply and rescue operation from the volunteer).
This spread in Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake at a dash at the people.
At first, the rescue of the Self Defense Forces turned to the second mover round the earthquake occurrence thanks to foolish Cabinet (Socialist Party of Japan of Prime Minister of the Murayamat city). (Hung even on the third. )
(Actually, the offer of the rescue support of the seventh U.S. Navy fleet that straightened the system of the rescue at once after the earthquake occurs has been cut off. Moreover, the brim airlift of the rescue supply (food) will begin in three hours after the earthquake occurs as the enterprises such as Daiei Inc. and Seven-Eleven leave earlier than the rescue of the Self Defense Forces. )

The volunteer was actively done for the Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake three months.
1.17 million people in total supported the entering victims directly from various angles to the stricken area as a volunteer by 20,000 day people or more on the average in three months. (In this figure, only the volunteer who entered the stricken area directly is in the number of people. Actually, several times people should have been participating because the rescue supply and the campaign finance, etc. were done on a nationwide scale. It voluntarily acted as a volunteer of the rescue supply though it was a personal matter. )
After the earthquake, the situation of the stricken area comes to be reported in detail with the mass garbage.

It was necessary to have reported the volunteer and the rescue supply, etc. that arrived in succession actively.

Recently, the volunteer similarly showed a big sense of existence in two occurring earthquakes. (The rescue supply sent by the volunteer was too huge and the rescue supply it was not possible to finish handling was cut in the stricken area. )
It thinks, and others are regarded that someone can help somewhere of the mind from the Japanese firmly also in the world where the long ages very is mentioned manners.

If it is made to say to the foreign country though it is grateful by Watashican, Japan will certainly be seen, 'Corporate state' above.
However, I want to say, it is 'Corporate state' of not the nation initiation but "National initiation".

Japanese totalitarianism

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