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Soka Gakkai-list TV personality,TV star,talent

The Soka Gakkai-list TV personality,TV star,talent

Today (2005 year on Feb. 21) released today the weekly "major advertising agency was created," Soka Gakkai-list talent "and" in an article.
Hyundai is obtained, A4-size sheet of a dozen materials.
One of the leading advertising agency, has created an appropriate section. Cover of the "Soka Gakkai-list talent," the characters. The agency official testified."
This list is talent, certainly has created UCHI.
Soka Gakkai members, or related to the water and Soka Gakkai in the name of talent, CM contract fee (annual fee if you signed a contract) with a list so you can see outlines. "
In the second half of the popular entertainer who are members of Soka Gakkai, the report is相次ぎ, many inquiries from clients.
Soka Gakkai is whether to separate the agency is well aware of the need to have. This article is for business documents, and officials explained.
Talent is the article appeared, and does not necessarily equal Soka Gakkai member. The past and present relationship between Soka Gakkai, Soka Gakkai members may have the information.
That title is "Soka Gakkai talent list system" has been.
The modern, Soka Gakkai system personalities in the list of major personalities, belonging to the office result is also tailor coverage list. Talent, contract fees, office responded.

SMAP Masahiro Nakai 80 million yen in the absence of representatives ※ no answer
Masakazu Tamura 75 million yen "is not related to Soka Gakkai."
SMAP Shingo Katori 60 million yen in the absence of representatives ※ no answer
Shunsuke Nakamura 50 million yen "no answer" and answers
Kiyoshi Hikawa 45 million yen "secret."
Takizawa Hideaki 40 million yen in the absence of representatives ※ no answer
Ayumi Hamasaki 40 million yen in the absence of representatives ※ no answer
Aya Ueto35 million yen, "he is concerned."
Ishihara Satomi 30 million yen "leave personnel do not know" godfather is the honorary chairman of Soka Gakkai, "Ikeda epic" The hair dye is a huge Ikeda and Ishihara Satomi Ishihara Satomi TAME to have my hair
Pinko Izumi 30 million yen in the absence of representatives ※ no answer
Kayoko Kishimoto 30 million yen in the absence of representatives ※ no answer
Masami Hisamoto 30 million yen "leave personnel do not know"
Ken Naoko 25 million yen "because it is private, can not answer"
Cha Kato 20 million yen, "Kato is personal relationships."
Syouko Aida 15 million yen personnel absent without an answer
Shibata Rie 15 million yen "leave personnel do not know"
Papaya Suzuki 12 million yen in the absence of representatives ※ no answer
Hidekazu Nagai 10 million yen "Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Constitution, you shall"
Hanako Yamada 10 million yen "secret."
Tetsuya Komuro (empty) = CM appeared, there was no request "Soka Gakkai member."

Masakazu Tamura is the father of his wife's family members and Soka Gakkai, a dozen years ago, Masakazu Tamura is set in the Soka Gakkai, had rented the day.
Aya Ueto parents are enthusiastic members of Soka Gakkai, he is a believer is not official.
Ayumi Hamasaki is guess, is to leave the area, "Soka Gakkai member company is an allergy to small companies."
Masami Hisamoto, Kayoko Kishimoto, Shibata Rie, Jane Smith, Hidekazu Nagai as news of the past. Hidekazu Nagai, senior office, burst into laughter Hikari Ota is a big problem for religious hate between the two Cold War state.
Kiyoshi Hikawa the Soka Gakkai of her mother's devout followers of his activities, Kiyoshi Hikawa.
But others do not solicit any.
Masahiro Nakai SMAP and Shingo Katori, Hideaki Takizawa for the office is "missing person" to repeat, and Masami Hisamoto Masahiro Nakai is the film's many "old boys can be no doubt," Soka Gakkai officials.
Soka Gakkai CM series of celebrity appearances Soka Gakkai itself will not be beneficial, CM with the decision of our advertisers.
Such a list of personalities, one of the decisions, and with the article.
*** ***
The entertainment industry, "Masami Hisamoto guanxi" is steadily spreading and the like.
Soka Gakkai system personalities on board were "Yoshitsune" (NHK) and "Merengue feelings" (NTV) show there are more and more like it?
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If you want to know what kind of organization Soka Gakkai, or, where classmates

Do not believe your disbelief.
They are termite-like agility and growth, then you swallow Japan.
At that time, what do you think?

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Soka Gakkai-list TV personality,TV star,talent

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