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The cause of having Smog is China

First of all, from the Smog

Recently, "Smog warning" is announced officially in various parts of Japan.

It is this one that the Smog warning was given to the becoming it one well in Japan of the 1970's.

A large amount of toxic substance (causative agent of the Smog) was exhausted by the car and the factory along with high economic growth.

As for Japan at that time, environmental measures (Exhaust gas is restricted here) were not done enough by economic priority. W ..Massey Japan even if it is said (by ..China today.. incomparable..

A large amount of toxic substance (causative agent of the Smog was discharged in the atmosphere in such a situation and it ..chemical reaction.. became a causing Smog.

A similar thing has happened also in China. ..(.. though the level seems to be different from Japan at that time …

Because it is a developing country after all, it is not defended at all though China can tentatively scold the restriction from the viewpoint of the environmental protection.

Managers at the factory etc. say that paying the penalty to the government is cheaper to give equip environmental measures. This might be the best cause from which the effluent control is not defended.

The product is made cheaply, the Smog> is put out, and it pays the penalty to the government.

When the penalty is requested, the amount of money that there is damage in the enterprise is claimed if it is Japan and the United States.

However, China seems not to be a system on.

The composition of environmental equipment > penalty is completed, and the manager doesn't think of.

The reason why a Chinese government doesn't increase the penalty is that the development of the home country economy is a most immediate priority.

It is likely to correspond by recognition like "Only several one million people are sacrificed because of the Smog" even if becoming a problem in China (It is w though has already become). It is in the range of error 1.3 billion people ..(.. while ..several million people.. dying for the national administration prefecture.

If it is damage to enemy country Japan, a Chinese government might be welcoming it.

Even if Japanese Government protests officially, and correspondence is requested, a Chinese government flashes the problem of "Money".

Tribute the present age of "If Japan pays for China, you may think about the Smog" is reproduced, and it ends without investing, and left money is turned to the military budget turning of China "Uselessness" money in environmental measures.

Moreover, to the vicious circle …

When explaining confusedly and easily though it returns to the story of and the Smog because there might be a person who flows from China the Smog and .... doesn't understand

Asian Dust is sand ..(.. Sna w because it flies.
Natural w is . ..the flight of the Smog.. ..(.. ..lighter than sand gases... How did the rain cloud end if the gas was a diffusion talk?..idea...

A source of the Smog, unbelievable Sayoc, and the professional citizens ..China.. fundamentally :.
The urban ozone is from China.   The environment laboratory and Kyushu University must refer to the estimate and an increase in China in the NO2 density and refer to proof (NO2 is a causative agent of the Smog) by the satellite data.

Copyrights of the image and sentences, etc. put on this article belong to each copyright person. The image and sentences, etc. put on this article are the quotations of the research purpose to the end, and no one to violate the right besides the copyright, the reproduction right, and the translation right.
The quotation of the report, the criticism, and the research purpose is protected in Article 32 of the Copyright Law.

Reference URL: newly arrived +
The urban ozone of the bosom oak revives. ?(The urban ozone is detailed and ? though the cause origin of the urban ozone is Japan. For the reference in being explained)
The urban ozone is from China.   The environment laboratory and Kyushu University estimate.
An increase in China in the NO2 density is proven by the satellite data.

The cause of having Smog is China

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