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Referendum law (constitutional revision procedure method) approval

About the rash act of the mass communication to which the referendum law is approved

The problem of the mass communication is a respect:

The person who does the business of Article 104   general broadcaster, the cable TV John broadcaster, and the wire radio or the person (It is said, "General broadcaster etc." in circumstances) who does the business of the telecommunication labor use broadcasting must note the intent of the provision of Broadcast Act Article 3 in two clauses 1 about broadcasting concerning the referendum.

Article 105 It is not possible to make the people of doing advertising broadcasting for the referendum movement by using the broadcasting equipment of a general broadcaster etc. besides except the case where it depends on regulations of the next article or doing   how many between referendums until the date on the day when it hits on 14 before the date of the referendum. ・・・

The mass communication excessively reacted to this Article 104 according to the expectation.

Though news and the discussion program of the politics that the commercial broadcast such as NEWS23 that Tetsuya Chikushi is doing broadcasts make Diet member, the critic, the specialist, the man of culture, and the talent, etc. perform and perform the discussion

When the constitutional revision is discussed, the one to which the constitutional revision is opposite is collected.

The purpose is to make the citizens think, "The specialist has a lot of people to whom the constitutional revision is opposite".

However, this act violates providing "Be politically impartial" of Broadcast Act Article 3 in two clauses 1.

This referendum method and Article 104, it cannot be provided to note it in two clauses 1 of Broadcast Act Article 3 and the mass communication establish the class of ..Heta.. Ban.

Declaredly that it insists on this speech obstructively, and Article 104 is not defended. (president of morning sun television somewhere)

The mass communication will keep operating the public opinion until 2010 when the referendum method is enforced.

Can you vote by following only own conscience when the referendum is done?

※Copyrights of the image and sentences, etc. put on this article belong to each copyright person. The image and sentences, etc. put on this article are the quotations of the research purpose to the end, and no one to violate the right besides the copyright, the reproduction right, and the translation right.
The quotation of the report, the criticism, and the research purpose is protected in Article 32 of the Copyright Law.

Referendum law (constitutional revision procedure method) approval

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