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About the scientific research program on minke whales

Video: Obstruction 3 of scientific research program on minke whales   Sheshepard

Animation on was found in Institute of Cetacean Research.
This is what of the terrorist side (green peas, Sheshepard, and zodiac) flies though the brim comes out at the beginning.
Does not the manager ..(.. only know though it is not heard that a recent scientific research program on minke whales is seen and and the terrorist side (green peas, Sheshepard, and zodiac) put it out to the brim?
Mr. mass garbage
Moreover, do it control information?
How much of draining water off is installed and in the other party of the brim anyhow.
If the Molotov cocktail and the explosive are thrown out from the brim …

Terrorist Sheshepard was examined a little.

・Several whalers are sunk.
・Threat to important person(homicide)
・Firing to the police
・Attempted bombing of guard boat

Sheshepardor Wikipedia
Going out De ..boiling.. on parade of crime
It is a terrorist who calls environmentalists.

Please read the following sentences of cannot the consent of the scientific research program on minke whales.

< Differ about the culture >
In Japan, there was whale's gastronomic culture since prehistory. Gratitude is put by traditionally using all whales for the skin, meat, internal organs, and oil and it does to holding a service. However, a lot of Western Europe nations were hunting whales aiming only at oil. Especially, the United States and Britain, etc. killed the whale by the purpose only of taking oil, and were throwing away all meats, the skins, and the bones to the sea. When oil would be discovered before long, it withdrew severely from the whale fishing after catching the whale indiscriminately. However, the whale was assumed to be for food historically ..continued hunting whales.., the whale fishing countries such as Japan and Norway with the gastronomic culture were criticized, and it began to appeal for the animal protection. Isn't it pressing of too selfish sense of values?

The truth is the following though the image "Whale = extermination = abolition of whaling" is being made by the anti-whaling nation.
There are as many as 80 kinds of kinds of the whale. I hear that it was Shironagas, Hokkyoc, a gray whale, etc. that it is decreasing to have to protect it and ..70 remainder several kinds of whale.. lived by a number that increases too much or is enough. The amount of the seafood that a whale all over the world eats in one year seems to go up from indeed 3 to as much as 5 times the fishery production in the world.

It ..Jack teacher.. barks. :View No.2 of space ALC news
- 1Part excerpt

The scientific research program on minke whales of Japan is reasonable though it is thought that it understands if sentences above can be read.
Many are exterminated by man besides the whale as for the animal that does harm, and the number of living is controlled.
The monkey, the bear, the dog, and the cat whose intelligence is far higher than the whale, etc. hit it.

Because it is a whale, it doesn't live specially in seeing translation.
Is nobody spirited of hypocrisy only it is to antagonize it by it?

Institute of Cetacean Research is doing the signature activity to the terrorism of green peas and Sheshepard and cooperate, please though it becomes at the end.
Protest book-asking for signature to green peas that obstructs investigation of ..whale in Japan.. capture and Sheshepard

3/16 postscripts:
Shea German shepherd's attack problem of 【 global interview 】 and the criticism of IWC approve unanimously.

Key word:, Scientific research program on minke whales scientific research program on minke whales purpose scientific research program on minke whales obstruction scientific research program on minke whales..obstruction scientific research program on minke whales obstruction green peas scientific research program on minke whales obstruction zodiac scientific research program on minke whales green peas scientific research program on minke whales scientific research program on minke whales zodiac.

Be sure to please read.

About the scientific research program on minke whales

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Proper punishment to steal the whale meat by green peas

First of all, from the following articles

Executive Japan's suspect Junichi Sato (31) of green peas (GP) et al. arrested two people due to the suspicion of thief etc. on the 20th due to the done event Aomori prefectural police when "Green peas Japan (GP)" of environmentalists member stole the luggage of the crew of scientific research program on minke whales ship "..Nissin.. round" of Japan. The act of indicting embezzlement by the part of the anti-whaling campaign has developed into the criminal case over an international group oppositely.
Besides, it is green peas (GP) Japan member's suspect Toru Suzuki to be arrested (41).
Two people invade the delivery place at "Seino Transportation" Aomori branch without permission in the examination on April 16. Suspicion of stealing one corrugated cardboard box that whale flesh entered.
It is a whale meat theft and the arrest Aomori prefectural police as for two members of green peas.

At last, whale yakuza's green peas seems to have been caught on the suspicion of the whale meat theft.
The crime seems to increase a little more it is to be sure to be pursued "House breaking" etc. at the investigation.

Inside it yields to whale yakuza, and with the police country that cannot act straight, too
The justice as the law-abiding country is shown in Japan through this event and it will be able to show whether to become it in the world of what.

To ecoterrorists of green peas, Sheshepard, and the zodiac, etc. , the environmental protection yakuza, and the whale yakuza
It is demanded again to recognize that all the justices of the law-abiding country are decided by "Method", and to observe the law.
No one will listen sooner or later if the law cannot be defended, and it insists on the environmental protection and ecology protection.

Terrorists who do not dislike murder and sinking ship to defend whale
The people who support the act are this crimes, too.

Evil is naturally weeded out in the capitalist society.
A calm, law-abiding action is demanded from the anti-whale fishing terrorist and the supporter so as not to become the object.

Key word:, Green peas whale meat larceny crime green peas whale fishing..crime green peas whale fishing green peas terrorist green peas ecoterrorist green peas yakuza green peas yakuza green peas environment terrorist green peas terrorism group green peas criminal whaling issue whale fishing rights whale fishing impostor whale fishing hypocrite whale fishing whale fishing antigovernment whale fishing mad whale fishing disturbed guy whale fishing impostor whale fishing.

Be sure to please read.

Proper punishment to steal the whale meat by green peas

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About the nucleus

It is thought that the nucleus is arms with very good efficiency when Watashican is described about the nucleus.
The reason why Britain and France where the economic magnitudes are smaller than Japan have the nuclear weapon is that it is excellent in respect of cost-effectiveness.
It has a very high cheaper to maintain one million military forces, deterrent.
With the nucleus mutually even when falling into warfare with the nuclear power, an equal war can be done.
Conventional forces etc. enter an equal state as for "The nucleus will be shot" in the nuclear non-possession country etc. it not is the threat.
In the above-mentioned point, "Three nonnuclear principles" recited in loudness in Japan drives in Japan to a very disadvantageous situation.
I think that I should abolish it only because "Three nonnuclear principles" has decreased the ability not to suit to world affairs any longer, and to defend the people in Japan.

The nuclear power doesn't listen though Japan that is the only nuclear radiation exposure country of the world even if the Japan appeals for nuclear abolition to the loud voice.
There is only a nucleus in the defense of Japan from the nuclear danger such as Russia, China, and North Korea.
So as not to become a country where the nucleus is exposed to radiation by as much as two degrees only in the world …

Key word: Nuclear weapon Japan, three non-nuclear principles, three non-nuclear principles abolition, nuclear possession advantage, nuclear danger, Cacnippon, and national defense nucleus

Be sure to please read.

About the nucleus

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Ethanol boycott declaration

_ S _ manager declares "Ethanol boycott" here though it is abrupt.

Read the article of the desire as foolish this fellow.

Though the biomass ethanol 3% composite fuel etc. that are called E3 are raised in Japan as for the ethanol
There is an acute problem in the manufacturing process of this biomass ethanol.

The sugarcane Morases Tensai corn sorghum potato sweet potato and wheat, etc. are used as a raw material.
The one that becomes man's food and the one that becomes the raw material occupy everything when seeing though it is thought that it is possible to understand.
This is a problem very much.

Recently, it came often to hear the word price hike of food.

The raw material of the biomass ethanol and man's food : like having shown this on.
I think that completely overlapping is a cause.

Isn't it the eaten very one and do it influence it if it sees simply either?It is likely to think.
However, has it been thought how about it becomes it when the biomass ethanol raw material is grown to the point of changing crops?

For instance, the rapeseed that becomes the raw material of the cooking oil receives the flow of the biomass ethanol.
It seems to be changed crops actively by sugarcane.

Then, the rapeseed grown with the limited cropland is not grown.

Then, the rapeseed that inevitably becomes the raw material of the cooking oil happens and movement of price hike of the cooking oil happens running short.
No major problem in Japan is a problem as the living right is threatened for the developing country nations.

The same thing can be completely said even by other biomass ethanol raw materials though it is thought that it only has to be able to think by each person.

This thinks me to be a problem very much. Therefore, "Ethanol boycott declaration" was done.
Should Japan that seems that it relies on the import almost of the biomass ethanol it promote the use of the ethanol to the point of at the expense of the food of another country?

Though it will be seen to think that I am a spy of the petroleum industry in seeing here(reference article)
I would like you to read to the last minute.

How ..can the self-support.. ..Japan.. complete the biomass ethanol though it is a proposal here? will
In the method of its not using man's food

A new technology that manufactures the bioethanol with HONDA (7267) and the weed as the material is developed.
Does the weed become and does the abandonment mat of which a large amount of garbage goes out to the fuel & every year become a fuel, too?

Proof business beginning in "Bioethanols are produced with the sea alga during four million ton/year" fishery promotion association plan announcement and 2013.

The ethanol production system from the raw garbage is developed.

A large amount of biomass ethanol must be generable if the country becomes serious, it supports though they are three businesses on, and it achieves it.

Though I can also positively use the biomass ethanol if this business group succeeds …

Key word: Biomass ethanol, biomass ethanol weed, biomass ethanol sea alga, biomass ethanol garbage, bioethanol, bioethanol weed, bioethanol sea alga, bioethanol garbage, biomass ethanol problem, bioethanol problem, and biomass ethanol food and bioethanol food

Be sure to please read.

Ethanol boycott declaration

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Yano of a former chairman of Komeito talks about the realities of Soka Gakkai.

Former Yano of chairman of Komeito
Yano of a former chairman of Komeito exposes the inside fact of Soka Gakkai.
Yano of a former chairman of Komeito exposes the inside fact of Soka Gakkai.

Soka Gakkai is a former chairman of Komeito it, Shi Yano, and - question and answer that should be reflected.
Soka Gakkai is a former chairman of Komeito it, Shi Yano, and - question and answer that should be reflected.

Content of lecture on former Yano of chairman of Komeito done in Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan
Refer to the above-mentioned animation for details.

Mr. Yano insists that the discontinuance of the publicist activity and a large sum of contribution are compelled by the person related to Soka Gakkai in the interview, and the slander slander was done by the Soka Gakkai organization paper 'Seikyou newspaper' etc.In addition, it was assumed that the family had received shadowing etc. from the group of "Mystery".

Moreover, a similar act is done to a former chairman of Komeito and Takehai Yoshikatsu, and Soka Gakkai : the story of compulsorily partly collecting a large sum of contributions from the believer. "Hear it a lot. "

The beginning is a note according to Mr. Yano drawn to 'Bungeishunju' 15 years ago. It became 05 years because the description with "The academic society and Komeito had the part where it is no use of being said the religion and politics agreement" was here and it was criticized. It is said that the watch, the Iyagarase telephone, the visit, and shadowing to home by "A lot of of unidentified groups" come to be done, and it still continues after that.

Mr. Yano criticized the act of Soka Gakkai in the interview, "Infringement of human rights (infringement)" and "Anti-social".
In the question with reporters, the concrete example : to the question, "What meaning is '(In the age of the assembly member of Komeito) Did too much'?" though did not show.
  「No do plot, and how it appeals to the administrative body and the political party is a center for the problem solving. It did for a moment too much. It did too much considerably to say nothing of a little. 」

  「I might have been only a convenient shop that solved a troublesome thing as for it though it was significant in it if management was improved to the lesson (academic society). It is necessary to make it to the lesson again. There is no passing pleasure in this if it is possible to renew to the academic society by objectively knowing a dark part of Soka Gakkai at the people. 」(Mr. Yano)

To Mr. Yano after it has an interview, Up to now..society..improvement..response..feel..ask..such..answer.
  「There is no such feeling at all. It escalates more and more. 」(Mr. Yano)

- 1Part excerpt

OhmyNews: Not being possible to see the Ormainus is here.

  Critic's Shi Yano lectured by a former chairman of Komeito in Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Tokyo and Yurakucho on the 25th, and it talked about the relation to Soka Gakkai of the power base of Komeito and the same party etc.Mr. Yano : about the relation between Soka Gakkai and politics. 「(The Soka society member :. )It becomes all-out when becoming the time of the election. A hall in various places the center (academic society) is 'Uraera vs. office literally. ' though it is freedom of everybodyThe telephone fee and the utility bill (Free of charge) encouraging the candidate as a base of the election, too has passed times. 」With the point. It was emphasized, "It is necessary to discuss an individual concrete example by the problem of the religion and politics agreement and the separation".

  Moreover, it was clarified to have appealed in the party executives age, "There was many times what petitioned due to various problems and events (To the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the National Police Agency) related to the academic society. If it might be large, it might be small. The traffic accident etc. were not done".

It lectures it in a Yano former fair chairman and the correspondent society   "The hall of the academic society is Uraera vs. office. "- Not being possible to see the MSN Sankei news is here.

Content of remark by interview supplementation

「The watch by the large number of people group of son and his wife whom I alone do not become or my grandchild and the mystery and shadowing are every day almost for these three years. These outrages are at a lot of videos, photographs, and hand, and legal measures will be taken and it descends sooner or later. 」With the remark.
, saying that "The seceding person is done and it annoys, and it begins partly to cut, and the money collection is done to the election activity by force by force".

However, jumping to a conclusion might be dangerous because it sees it like the feud between groups of the former Soka society member and Soka Gakkai.
We will leave the judgment to everybody.

Be sure to please read.

Yano of a former chairman of Komeito talks about the realities of Soka Gakkai.

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The cause of having Smog is China

First of all, from the Smog

Recently, "Smog warning" is announced officially in various parts of Japan.

It is this one that the Smog warning was given to the becoming it one well in Japan of the 1970's.

A large amount of toxic substance (causative agent of the Smog) was exhausted by the car and the factory along with high economic growth.

As for Japan at that time, environmental measures (Exhaust gas is restricted here) were not done enough by economic priority. W ..Massey Japan even if it is said (by ..China today.. incomparable..

A large amount of toxic substance (causative agent of the Smog was discharged in the atmosphere in such a situation and it ..chemical reaction.. became a causing Smog.

A similar thing has happened also in China. ..(.. though the level seems to be different from Japan at that time …

Because it is a developing country after all, it is not defended at all though China can tentatively scold the restriction from the viewpoint of the environmental protection.

Managers at the factory etc. say that paying the penalty to the government is cheaper to give equip environmental measures. This might be the best cause from which the effluent control is not defended.

The product is made cheaply, the Smog> is put out, and it pays the penalty to the government.

When the penalty is requested, the amount of money that there is damage in the enterprise is claimed if it is Japan and the United States.

However, China seems not to be a system on.

The composition of environmental equipment > penalty is completed, and the manager doesn't think of.

The reason why a Chinese government doesn't increase the penalty is that the development of the home country economy is a most immediate priority.

It is likely to correspond by recognition like "Only several one million people are sacrificed because of the Smog" even if becoming a problem in China (It is w though has already become). It is in the range of error 1.3 billion people ..(.. while ..several million people.. dying for the national administration prefecture.

If it is damage to enemy country Japan, a Chinese government might be welcoming it.

Even if Japanese Government protests officially, and correspondence is requested, a Chinese government flashes the problem of "Money".

Tribute the present age of "If Japan pays for China, you may think about the Smog" is reproduced, and it ends without investing, and left money is turned to the military budget turning of China "Uselessness" money in environmental measures.

Moreover, to the vicious circle …

When explaining confusedly and easily though it returns to the story of and the Smog because there might be a person who flows from China the Smog and .... doesn't understand

Asian Dust is sand ..(.. Sna w because it flies.
Natural w is . ..the flight of the Smog.. ..(.. ..lighter than sand gases... How did the rain cloud end if the gas was a diffusion talk?..idea...

A source of the Smog, unbelievable Sayoc, and the professional citizens ..China.. fundamentally :.
The urban ozone is from China.   The environment laboratory and Kyushu University must refer to the estimate and an increase in China in the NO2 density and refer to proof (NO2 is a causative agent of the Smog) by the satellite data.

Be sure to please read.

The cause of having Smog is China

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Referendum law (constitutional revision procedure method) approval

About the rash act of the mass communication to which the referendum law is approved

The problem of the mass communication is a respect:

The person who does the business of Article 104   general broadcaster, the cable TV John broadcaster, and the wire radio or the person (It is said, "General broadcaster etc." in circumstances) who does the business of the telecommunication labor use broadcasting must note the intent of the provision of Broadcast Act Article 3 in two clauses 1 about broadcasting concerning the referendum.

Article 105 It is not possible to make the people of doing advertising broadcasting for the referendum movement by using the broadcasting equipment of a general broadcaster etc. besides except the case where it depends on regulations of the next article or doing   how many between referendums until the date on the day when it hits on 14 before the date of the referendum. ・・・

The mass communication excessively reacted to this Article 104 according to the expectation.

Though news and the discussion program of the politics that the commercial broadcast such as NEWS23 that Tetsuya Chikushi is doing broadcasts make Diet member, the critic, the specialist, the man of culture, and the talent, etc. perform and perform the discussion

When the constitutional revision is discussed, the one to which the constitutional revision is opposite is collected.

The purpose is to make the citizens think, "The specialist has a lot of people to whom the constitutional revision is opposite".

However, this act violates providing "Be politically impartial" of Broadcast Act Article 3 in two clauses 1.

This referendum method and Article 104, it cannot be provided to note it in two clauses 1 of Broadcast Act Article 3 and the mass communication establish the class of ..Heta.. Ban.

Declaredly that it insists on this speech obstructively, and Article 104 is not defended. (president of morning sun television somewhere)

The mass communication will keep operating the public opinion until 2010 when the referendum method is enforced.

Can you vote by following only own conscience when the referendum is done?

Be sure to please read.

Referendum law (constitutional revision procedure method) approval

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Japanese totalitarianism

Japan is said to the corporate state and the foreign country made better. Of course, though it is a joke
Of course, it is different from other socialistic states of China (People's Republic of China PRC) or North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea DPRK) even if it is said the corporate state.

Being often said is victim's behavior after the catastrophe.
The great earthquake often occurs in Japan. (Though misleading might be in goodness. )
Afterwards, victims take shelter to the refuge specified as a matter of course by the municipality.
It is waited that wonderful confusion is not caused, and the rescue comes quietly.
Being taken shelter to home is also more similar.
The distribution of the rescue supply also neatly forms the line and it receives it.

It is likely not to go so in the United States (United States USA).
The new one might be Catorena (Hurricane Catorena Hurricane Katrina) to the memory.
The ravage (riot) happened in succession, and the plunder site was televised.

Finally, National Guard was sent to the stricken area and it fell into a painful situation of pointing a pistol to the victim.

What is the difference between Japan (Japanese country JPN) and the United States (United States USA)?
If it is possible to read, it is great from here though it is Watashican to the end.

First of all, it is the best cause that the government distrust is strong for the United States (United States USA). If the federation and the provincial government firmly respond to Catorena (Hurricane Catorena Hurricane Katrina) disaster
Each mass garbage commented that this had not to have become a major catastrophe.
Certainly, it is the street, and neither the death nor missing person, that is, 1858 people are sure to go out if this is Japan (Japanese country JPN).
Moreover, it is thought that deep-rooted discrimination is still a cause.
In the United States (United States USA), there are a racial discrimination and income discrimination (coinage that S made).
I think that the riot happened because of the racial discrimination (color and religion of the skin) and the income discrimination (social treat coldly to the low income earner).

Here though it is Japan (Japanese country JPN)
First of all, the government distrust might exist also in Japan (Japanese country JPN) in no small way.
However, the ravage (riot) doesn't happen. (Though very small number of people criminals exist. )
Why? will
It is thought that the reason for I is that victims believe the private organization to rescue (rescue supply and rescue operation from the volunteer).
This spread in Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake at a dash at the people.
At first, the rescue of the Self Defense Forces turned to the second mover round the earthquake occurrence thanks to foolish Cabinet (Socialist Party of Japan of Prime Minister of the Murayamat city). (Hung even on the third. )
(Actually, the offer of the rescue support of the seventh U.S. Navy fleet that straightened the system of the rescue at once after the earthquake occurs has been cut off. Moreover, the brim airlift of the rescue supply (food) will begin in three hours after the earthquake occurs as the enterprises such as Daiei Inc. and Seven-Eleven leave earlier than the rescue of the Self Defense Forces. )

The volunteer was actively done for the Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake three months.
1.17 million people in total supported the entering victims directly from various angles to the stricken area as a volunteer by 20,000 day people or more on the average in three months. (In this figure, only the volunteer who entered the stricken area directly is in the number of people. Actually, several times people should have been participating because the rescue supply and the campaign finance, etc. were done on a nationwide scale. It voluntarily acted as a volunteer of the rescue supply though it was a personal matter. )
After the earthquake, the situation of the stricken area comes to be reported in detail with the mass garbage.

It was necessary to have reported the volunteer and the rescue supply, etc. that arrived in succession actively.

Recently, the volunteer similarly showed a big sense of existence in two occurring earthquakes. (The rescue supply sent by the volunteer was too huge and the rescue supply it was not possible to finish handling was cut in the stricken area. )
It thinks, and others are regarded that someone can help somewhere of the mind from the Japanese firmly also in the world where the long ages very is mentioned manners.

If it is made to say to the foreign country though it is grateful by Watashican, Japan will certainly be seen, 'Corporate state' above.
However, I want to say, it is 'Corporate state' of not the nation initiation but "National initiation".

Japanese totalitarianism

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