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Are the realities such as Soka Gakkai and Confederation of Koreans Living in Japan exposed? It is Blog.

Yano of a former chairman of Komeito talks about the realities of Soka Gakkai.

Former Yano of chairman of Komeito
Yano of a former chairman of Komeito exposes the inside fact of Soka Gakkai.
Yano of a former chairman of Komeito exposes the inside fact of Soka Gakkai.

Soka Gakkai is a former chairman of Komeito it, Shi Yano, and - question and answer that should be reflected.
Soka Gakkai is a former chairman of Komeito it, Shi Yano, and - question and answer that should be reflected.

Content of lecture on former Yano of chairman of Komeito done in Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan
Refer to the above-mentioned animation for details.

Mr. Yano insists that the discontinuance of the publicist activity and a large sum of contribution are compelled by the person related to Soka Gakkai in the interview, and the slander slander was done by the Soka Gakkai organization paper 'Seikyou newspaper' etc.In addition, it was assumed that the family had received shadowing etc. from the group of "Mystery".

Moreover, a similar act is done to a former chairman of Komeito and Takehai Yoshikatsu, and Soka Gakkai : the story of compulsorily partly collecting a large sum of contributions from the believer. "Hear it a lot. "

The beginning is a note according to Mr. Yano drawn to 'Bungeishunju' 15 years ago. It became 05 years because the description with "The academic society and Komeito had the part where it is no use of being said the religion and politics agreement" was here and it was criticized. It is said that the watch, the Iyagarase telephone, the visit, and shadowing to home by "A lot of of unidentified groups" come to be done, and it still continues after that.

Mr. Yano criticized the act of Soka Gakkai in the interview, "Infringement of human rights (infringement)" and "Anti-social".
In the question with reporters, the concrete example : to the question, "What meaning is '(In the age of the assembly member of Komeito) Did too much'?" though did not show.
  「No do plot, and how it appeals to the administrative body and the political party is a center for the problem solving. It did for a moment too much. It did too much considerably to say nothing of a little. 」

  「I might have been only a convenient shop that solved a troublesome thing as for it though it was significant in it if management was improved to the lesson (academic society). It is necessary to make it to the lesson again. There is no passing pleasure in this if it is possible to renew to the academic society by objectively knowing a dark part of Soka Gakkai at the people. 」(Mr. Yano)

To Mr. Yano after it has an interview, Up to now..society..improvement..response..feel..ask..such..answer.
  「There is no such feeling at all. It escalates more and more. 」(Mr. Yano)

- 1Part excerpt

OhmyNews: Not being possible to see the Ormainus is here.

  Critic's Shi Yano lectured by a former chairman of Komeito in Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Tokyo and Yurakucho on the 25th, and it talked about the relation to Soka Gakkai of the power base of Komeito and the same party etc.Mr. Yano : about the relation between Soka Gakkai and politics. 「(The Soka society member :. )It becomes all-out when becoming the time of the election. A hall in various places the center (academic society) is 'Uraera vs. office literally. ' though it is freedom of everybodyThe telephone fee and the utility bill (Free of charge) encouraging the candidate as a base of the election, too has passed times. 」With the point. It was emphasized, "It is necessary to discuss an individual concrete example by the problem of the religion and politics agreement and the separation".

  Moreover, it was clarified to have appealed in the party executives age, "There was many times what petitioned due to various problems and events (To the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the National Police Agency) related to the academic society. If it might be large, it might be small. The traffic accident etc. were not done".

It lectures it in a Yano former fair chairman and the correspondent society   "The hall of the academic society is Uraera vs. office. "- Not being possible to see the MSN Sankei news is here.

Content of remark by interview supplementation

「The watch by the large number of people group of son and his wife whom I alone do not become or my grandchild and the mystery and shadowing are every day almost for these three years. These outrages are at a lot of videos, photographs, and hand, and legal measures will be taken and it descends sooner or later. 」With the remark.
, saying that "The seceding person is done and it annoys, and it begins partly to cut, and the money collection is done to the election activity by force by force".

However, jumping to a conclusion might be dangerous because it sees it like the feud between groups of the former Soka society member and Soka Gakkai.
We will leave the judgment to everybody.

Be sure to please read.

Yano of a former chairman of Komeito talks about the realities of Soka Gakkai.

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Ex-New Komeito chief lashes out at Soka Gakkai

Former New Komeito leader Junya Yano said Wednesday that Soka Gakkai, Japan's largest lay Buddhist organization, has been violating his human rights by threatening him and obstructing his freedom of speech.

According to Yano, Soka Gakkai forced him to abandon his activities as a political commentator, published libelous statements about him in the group's Seikyo Shimbun newspaper, and has attempted to force him into selling his house to make a ¥200 million to ¥300 million donation to the group over the last several years.

Yano, who had been a member of Soka Gakkai for more than 50 years, also said he and members of his family have been under surveillance and shadowed by strangers on a daily basis.

"Soka Gakkai is not what it used to be. It has changed," Yano said during a news conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Soka Gakkai "is taking antisocial action here and there, and I feel righteous indignation as a citizen."

After he and his family left the group, Yano filed a damages suit against Soka Gakkai on May 12. He was then countersued by an executive member of the influential group, which effectively serves as New Komeito's base.

"As someone who was a lawmaker for a long time, I felt I was abandoning my social responsibility by keeping my mouth shut" about Soka Gakkai, Yano said. "Also, I felt it wouldn't do any good to the members of Soka Gakkai themselves, who took care of me, if I endured (the threats) in bitter silence."

Yano is also in the middle of another suit involving three ex-New Komeito lawmakers. Yano claimed the three, who are all in Soka Gakkai, took documents and notebooks filled with 30 years of his "observations and behind-the-scenes details" in the political world.

Last December, however, the Tokyo District Court ruled that Yano gave the notebooks willingly to the ex-lawmakers. Yano appealed, and the case is in the hands of the high court.

Yano headed New Komeito from 1986 to 1989. The party, now the Liberal Democratic Party's junior member in the ruling bloc, gets much of its clout from Soka Gakkai's huge vote-generating power.

Soka Gakkai "is a massive religious organization that has strong political influence . . . I cannot overlook its antisocial behavior anymore," Yano said.

Ex-New Komeito chief lashes out at Soka Gakkai

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Ex-New Komeito chief lashes out at Soka Gakkai

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Soka Gakkai(SGI)-affiliated Company lists

This time, we will deliver a corporate list of Soka Gakkai(SGI)-affiliated.

HUSER:Human User Company(80 percent of the employee seems to have been published in the advertisement of the Seikyou newspaper by the Soka society member. The believer also is considerably buying. )
Sekisui house
ITO EN, LTD.(The diamond magazine also refers famously in Soka Gakkai-affiliated. Vending machines set up in facilities related to Soka Gakkai are all Ito-En. )
Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd.(Soka Gakkai seems to own, and there to be a lot of people related to Soka Gakkai also in the Yakult lady as for Jingu Stadium on the base ground of the baseball team. However, itself the player of the baseball team is irrelevant. A lot in optimism (former Kintetsu) and Nippon Ham if it is a baseball team. )
BOOK OFF(It is famous that the relation is deep. hereSoka Gakkai is strong in the antique handling relation. )
BOOK OFF Ikeda Daisaku
TSUTAYA, CCC, Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.(Invest aggressively in an BOOK OFF. )
UNIQLO Co., Ltd. (Alias Fast Retailing. Here is also famous, and TSUTAYA and an BOOK OFF, etc. are variously coordinated each other. )
H.I.S. Co., Ltd.(Actually, become the supporting company of the performance of WAHAHA-Hompo of Soka Gakkai-affiliated) HIS is maxim for the complaint of HIS , saying that yakuza tone and "It is not had a mind to be going to change correspondence completely in the future".
Club tourism(Travel agency: The seventh place finding employment Soka University ahead of 2004 The mark of the company is near Soka Gakkai's, and is also doubtful. )
Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.,Ltd., Kintetsu International Express Inc.(the third place finding employment Soka University ahead of 2004)
Watami Ltd. that manages nursing, Ayacan'yume educational institution Ayacan junior high school, Ayacan high school, and Ayacan global high school etc. of house and T.G.I.Friday 's and house and Watamiecoroga Watamifarm Watami of Watami, harmony the people, sitting harmony people (Zawatami), seafood conduct oneself harmony people market, harmony seeing Tei, Gohan, and(the fifth place finding employment Soka University ahead of 2004)
Monte Rosa Ltd. where plain wood shop and Uotami, etc. are managed(The industrial strike is famously in the roughness of the person use. The financial clique of reason plain wood Yoshikazu Shi of relative Komeito of the wife of the Ikeda masterpiece had managed it. )
"Yourou no Taki" of tavern(It is famous for a long time as Soka society member's habitue's drinking house. )
Tokyo Disneyland (Oriental Land) Soka Gakkai owns stock 10% of Disney. (former representative director Japan of Koji Hoshino Walt Disney company and others believer person of six Soka University alumnus terms ..director 2?3..)
Doutor Coffee(The Soka society member recognizes it officially. )
Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.(The appearance artist of the campaign for giraffe's canned coffee fire is a Soka society member in the Mitsubishi group. It is declared that fool Kamei of the Liberal-Democratic Party doesn't drink the beer of Soka Gakkai either. )
The agent provocateur of' Soka Gakkai Daiso formal name '.. ..Ltd... ..number considerably.. is working for one 00 yen in not 1 person but two or more regions ..largeness.. creating. However, the same Korean peninsula system though there is a believer of Unification Church (Unite both of the victory), too.
AOYAMA TRADING co., ltd. (To tell the truth, the chairman of 100 yen PLAZA who united it with Aoyama Trading. Daiso is the same as the chairman of Aoyama Trading. )
Theatrical company named WAHAHA-Hompo(Masami Hisamoto in the Soka Gakkai public entertainments part and Rie's Shibata both men belong, and representative's writer Hajime is Soka Gakkai. )
Takarazuka Girls' Operetta Troupe(It is said that the stimulant that the Goto Yamaguchi-gumi-affiliated class imported from North Korea is treated, and Soka Gakkai undertakes the money laundering of the earnings. )
K1 (It backs up in the capital. It supports it like the purchase of the admission ticket etc. as the Soka society member brings it together. )
Hokke Club(Hotel of national chain. Soka Gakkai operating directly?)
Asics(All president's aunts of the part seem to be also so in the Soka society member. )
Pasona(President's southern part Yasuyuki is a Soka society member in Barbary. Representative former Maehara's of the Democratic Party wife also was working. )
It is already famous in Sofmap and personal computer atelier (antique relation) industries as Soka Gakkai-affiliated.
Big camera(Sofmap is supported. )
Yamada Denki(Not only the president but also all management is occupied by the Soka society member. When electing it, the poster of Komeito (Soka Gakkai party) is pasted, and a lot of Soka society members are had as for the employee. )
Esthetics de MYLORD(The variety show got into the news. )
Nitori ( necessaries..Soka University..find employment..person..a lot of.)
Bikkuri Donkey
TenkaIppin(ramen shop)
Toho Pharmaceutical and Tomo Tscmirai G loop(There are a lot of those at Soka University who find employment. It creates and related companies seem to like Soka Gakkai. )
Confectionery of grape of Tokyo and 'silver'(Grapstorn Ltd.)
Wagon road(Family restaurant. Additionally, the restaurant of various genres is managed in the group. )
Japanese judas tree woods(Chinese restaurant. Especially, the Japanese judas tree woods in Shinanomachi in the town of Soka Gakkai is Mecca in which they gather. )
Eye hop(family restaurant)
Namis of health food SF
Healthy family's shop
Sushi "Warehouse (saddle)" chain that turns(It is abundant in Hachioji etc.)
Koenji ring 7 along"Souka"
Transformer arts of animated cartoon production
Studio Alice(photograph shop)
Aoyama of coffee(It is taught to the Soka society member, "Here is a seat where Mr.Ms. Ikeda sat" etc. by word of mouth. )
Hakubundou bookstore
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi(The main financing bank of Soka Gakkai is Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, and the character is Mickey. )
It gives preferential treatment to those who decide Mitsubishi Corp., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industires (Gendai Weekly: aim of Soka Gakkai and Mitsubishi group "High level conference") informally more than general man.
Comusademord and ism
Anabuki construction company

Complete Soka enterprise as follows
Japanese books transportation. (11.3 billion yen in annual turnover like transportation and move etc. of Seikyou newspaper etc.)
Nitiei (It is 1.1 billion yen in the annual turnover in the subsidiary company of the Japanese books transportation. )
Shinano facilities management (3.6 billion yen in annual turnover like management of Soka Gakkai hall etc.)
Nikkou guard security (It is 1.6 billion ..subject.. yen in the annual turnover as for the guard of the Soka Gakkai hall. )
Creation company (The Soka Gakkai relation of 3.6 billion yen in the annual turnover : by about 80%.)
Glory construction (2.9 billion yen in the annual turnover around building and the repair of Soka Gakkai facilities. )
Shinano project (5.9 billion yen in annual turnover such as video production and goods of Soka Gakkai event)
East and west philosophy study(The store develops centering on Shinanomachi, and 9.2 billion yen in the annual turnover.)
Shio publisher (4.5 billion yen in annual turnover like writing of monthly "Shio" and Ikeda etc.)
The third civilization company (One billion yen in annual turnover like publication related to Soka Gakkai etc.)
Otori study (Goods is delivered to the university library, and 3.8 billion yen in the annual turnover. )
TOKO (1.9 billion yen in annual turnover like employment ad in Seikyou newspaper etc.)
Fuji white lotus company (The majority of the customer are 1.9 billion yen in the annual turnover in the Soka society member. )

This fellows are constituent member of the criminal organization that plots these kind of things and these kind of things. Please do not forget.

Three anti Soka Gakkai articles:
①Do not you shop in the enterprise of Soka Gakkai-affiliated
②It refuses as much as possible if invited even if going from A friend to the enterprise of Soka Gakkai-affiliated. Moreover, other enterprises are advanced.
③Another with B finding employment etc.

A unit political material: The reality was so though * Nin said China "Japan must catch the criticism from the world" by the comfort women issue.

Keyword: Soka Gakkai(SGI)-affiliated Company, SGI--affiliated Company

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Soka Gakkai(SGI)-affiliated Company lists

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Soka Gakkai-list TV personality,TV star,talent 2

This time, we will deliver an additional investigation of SokaGakkai-listTVpersonality,TVstar,talent delivered last time.

Linda Yamamoto(Soka Gakkai: Art part director)
CHIKA(A beautician a celebrity and a famous TV personality is beautician in
charge of many. )
Masaki Ueda(singer)
Kine Naonobo(former TMN)
Kozi Nakamoto(Za Doriftarz)
Izumi Yukimura(singer)
Electricity comic and Susumu , Imadate(comedian)
Teru Miyamoto(writer)
Kaho Shimada(actress and singer)
Herbie = Hancock(jazz pianist)
Minako Tanaka(female talent)
Youko Honna(radio actor)
Yuu Watase(cartoonist)
Yuuko Morita(cartoonist)
Weyne shorter(saxophonist)
Orlando Broome(actor)
Kinzo Sakura(actor) It runs for the Tokyo gubernatorial election as a Soka society member.
Hayashiya Konpei(comic storyteller)
Ago Isamu(pin artist and comedian)
Hideki Kuriyama(sports caster)
MAX Matsuura(music producer, public entertainments promoter, and president of Avex)
Ken Maeda(talent)
Mika Mifune(actress and talent)
Teturo Mifune(actor)
George Takahashi(singer) It is considerably famous as the Soka society member.
Shoko Aida(actress, singer, and talent)
Kenzi Okahira(singer)
Isami Ishii(cartoonist)
Takashi Utsunomiya(musician, singer, and actor)
Nakagawa family: Nakagawa family great physical strength and Nakagawa family bow 2(comedian)
Kenichi Endo(actor and narrator)
Makoto Kitami(actor)
Saya Kazuki (gravure idol talent)
Hitomi Yoshizawa(morning daughter)
Maki Goto(former morning daughter)
Teramoto Gemon(comedian)
Tokoro George(multitalented entertainer)

This fellows are constituent member of such a criminal organization. Please do not forget.

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Soka Gakkai-list TV personality,TV star,talent 2

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Soka Gakkai-affiliated sports player list

From Bunshun Weekly "54 latest in Soka Gakkai-affiliated sports player version
person list" of the sale today (March 24, 2005).

The content of the article,
●"K-1GP '98 final rally" done in Tokyo Dome in December, 1998. Even, Raundogarl, the rope, and the victory belt of the gondola that the K-1 fighter took overflowed with "Tricolor" color of Soka Gakkai.

●In the Soka Gakkai boy part in the Grand Sumo Tournament when Mitoizumi who is the Soka society member before wins「What shall we do if becoming a grand champion sumo wrestler?The sumo wrestling is Shintoism. It will not be able to be unpalatable, and to dedicate to Meiji Jingu applying the rope by a lotus positive denomination of the day. 」With the discussion

●In the women's professional wrestling, Raiones Asuka of Crasshugalz is religious service also in lodgings in the time decided without fail in the bus. There is a player who troubles, too and divide into "Soka Gakkai faction" and "Anti-Soka Gakkai faction" and to awkward atmosphere in the player

●In the professional baseball, person in charge A of Nippon Meat Packers of the scout is a Soka society member, and it is : to Nippon Meat Packers by there are a lot of Soka society members , saying that his "Effort".

●In the soccer J League, when strait Halki of Oita Trinita (Soka society member) belonged, three of reception desks were the people from Soka University. In J2 Sagan Tosu, Teruko Koga who assumed the position of the president in 2002 is a Soka society member, and having placed Soka society member's 1000 virtue (former Yomiuri club) in the supervisor similarly next year also .

Hereafter, Soka Gakkai-affiliated sports player list.

professional baseballTakeshi Aiko (former Chunichi), Flcbo Kenji (Chunichi coach), Taniusami (Yakult), Cti Noma (giant), Naikai Tetsuya(giant)
Hiroshicocoroza Sato (giant), Hayato Nakamura (giant), Cagayahiroshi Yano (Hanshin), Kimura Ikki (Hiroshima) Cantatsya (Seibu) old Tomoyuki Oda (Nippon Meat Packers), Eiichi Koyano (Nippon Meat Packers), Takao Watanabe (former Nippon Meat Packers), and 2 martial Tetstscasad Okamoto (Nippon Meat Packers supervisor) Koji under flat(Lotte)
Tocaya Nishimura (two martial supervisor of Lotte), Atsushi Hagiwara (oryx), Yasuo Fujii (two oryx army coach), Osadaca (oryx), Takashi Muto (oryx scout) Yamamotowahan (former Kintetsu), Hisashi Iwakuma (optimism and Soka Isamica association), Nakashima (optimism), and Kazuhiko Yamashita, Kazuyoshi Ono, and Couhashi Couhisashi(optimism coach)

soccer Shunsuke Nakamura (Serie A and Reggina), Robert Baggeo (representative former Italy), Morimoto your product (Verdi), strait Halki, wing mild and frank great physical strength (Jeff) Nootoco Kawaguchi (Jubilo), Kenft Hasegawa (supervisor of S-PULSE), Kenji Fukuda (Mexico Patuca), Tamohiroshiki Ohisa (Sangha), and lumber yard Os and the Nakamura Great Bear(Avispa)

combative sports Kotokaze (present and tail car boss), Mitoizumi (present and Nishikico boss), Osamu Sato Kazuyuki Miyata (K-1) and Raiones Asuka and Nagayo Chigusa (women's professional wrestling), Akihiko Nago (boxing), Satoshi Kobayashi (kick boxing), and Ayako Okazaki(judo)

others Noriko Inada (swim), Nots Kawashima (former marathon runner), Kie Fujiwara (Progolfar), Daichi Sawano (pole jump and Soka Isamica association), Daigo Naosati (high jump), and Mika Saeki and Seike(beach volleyball)

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Soka Gakkai-affiliated sports player list

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