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Proper punishment to steal the whale meat by green peas

First of all, from the following articles

Executive Japan's suspect Junichi Sato (31) of green peas (GP) et al. arrested two people due to the suspicion of thief etc. on the 20th due to the done event Aomori prefectural police when "Green peas Japan (GP)" of environmentalists member stole the luggage of the crew of scientific research program on minke whales ship "..Nissin.. round" of Japan. The act of indicting embezzlement by the part of the anti-whaling campaign has developed into the criminal case over an international group oppositely.
Besides, it is green peas (GP) Japan member's suspect Toru Suzuki to be arrested (41).
Two people invade the delivery place at "Seino Transportation" Aomori branch without permission in the examination on April 16. Suspicion of stealing one corrugated cardboard box that whale flesh entered.
It is a whale meat theft and the arrest Aomori prefectural police as for two members of green peas.

At last, whale yakuza's green peas seems to have been caught on the suspicion of the whale meat theft.
The crime seems to increase a little more it is to be sure to be pursued "House breaking" etc. at the investigation.

Inside it yields to whale yakuza, and with the police country that cannot act straight, too
The justice as the law-abiding country is shown in Japan through this event and it will be able to show whether to become it in the world of what.

To ecoterrorists of green peas, Sheshepard, and the zodiac, etc. , the environmental protection yakuza, and the whale yakuza
It is demanded again to recognize that all the justices of the law-abiding country are decided by "Method", and to observe the law.
No one will listen sooner or later if the law cannot be defended, and it insists on the environmental protection and ecology protection.

Terrorists who do not dislike murder and sinking ship to defend whale
The people who support the act are this crimes, too.

Evil is naturally weeded out in the capitalist society.
A calm, law-abiding action is demanded from the anti-whale fishing terrorist and the supporter so as not to become the object.

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Proper punishment to steal the whale meat by green peas

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