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Animal Planet whale war 2009 version CM

Program that reports scientific research program on minke whales obstruction of terrorist Sea Shepherd from terrorist side
It is used for fundraising of Sea Shepherd. Be sure to please read.

Animal Planet whale war 2009 version CM

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The insecticide and parties concerned are whistle-blowings in Chinese's staple food

Parties concerned testified that various additives were added to often do externals and the flavor to a part of [mantou] (bun) sold in [**] west ministry Sian City according to [kaakinahou] on March 13, 2009. There is a possibility of ..liver, renal lesion, and cancer.. developing ..might be added the toxic substance of the dichlorvos etc. of the insecticide to the inside...

[Mantou] can widely eat mainly the northern part as staple food with a Chinese steamed bun. The secret of savory [mantou] is clarified in case of "Additionally ..bleach, the improvement medicine, and the coloring matter.., to show it beautifully in white, various additives are added ..master in the [mantou] shop with Sian City..". In addition, this master assumes, "Adding the dichlorvos improves the flavor", and speaks, "It is not understood what there is by you and doesn't buy [mantou] in the town because it is scary". Moreover, the method of adding the additive to [mantou] is said that the manufacturer of the additive will do "Politely guide it" according to internal parties concerned.

The specialist is sounding warning , saying that "The liver and the renal lesion not only are caused but also if it keeps eating [mantou] including a dichlorvos, a coloring matter, and other, harmful material for a long term even in case of little, cancer is caused when it is awful".

However, the addition of the poisonous substance to [mantou] is being almost left loose in the inspection section of the government , saying that "There are a lot of production footholds, and everything is not searchable". In addition, many of additives do not become the target predicate eyes of the inspection in the ordinance though the additive prohibition is made an express statement, and it is said that it is a state of the deadlock , saying that "It is impossible to investigate all poisonous substances because what kind of poisonous substance has been added is not understood". (translation and edit/HA) Be sure to please read.

The insecticide and parties concerned are whistle-blowings in Chinese's staple food

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